Who Are We

Team Picture

We are a team of high school students in partnership with professional engineers who compete in the FIRST Robotics Challenge (FRC).  Our mission is to introduce high school students to the world of competitive robotics and help them make future career choices based on their exposure to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Our team is currently associated with Notre Dame Preparatory School in Pontiac, MI.  We have been competing as the Killer Bees for 20  years, winning local, state and national awards in pursuit of our goals.

Our goals:

1.  Always improve.  Never stop learning.

2.  Collaborate with others to build more teams in our local area and across the league.

3.  Have fun!

We focus on these goals because it impacts us. We want people to know what FIRST is and who we are as a team. In line with these three goals we also do outreach events.  Outreach events are designed to show others in our community how much fun competitive robotics is and to build a steady stream of future participants.

We want to inspire students to join robotics and we love being competitive. Also, we want to persuade students to consider STEM fields for their careers.

After 20 years of hard work the Killer Bees have achieved many things. We have won many awards, gained sponsors, and have inspired many of our alumni to pursue STEM related careers.  The most prestigious award in FRC is not the world championship, but to earn the coveted Chairman’s Award.  The Chairman’s Award honors the team that best represents a model for other teams to emulate and best embodies the purpose and goals of FIRST.  We have been honored to be recognized for this award at the local and state levels.

Other awards we have won include:

Quality Award

Industrial Design Award

Imagery Award

Dean’s List Finalist

Innovation in Controls

Just like a professional sports team, our team needs to buy supplies and materials.  We use a hybrid funding model with sponsorships and student fees.  Charging fees for participation helps ensure “buy-in” from the students and families. We work to establish and maintain relationships with our sponsor companies – providing them with frequent updates on the team’s progress and even helping them fill internship spots from students involved in FRC.  Our newest sponsor is an alumnus of the Killer Bees, demonstrating the impact this program even after graduation.

The Killer Bees continue to work hard each year to reach our goals. We will continue as a team for many years to come, inspiring students and mentors and the world around us

We are Team 33 and this is what we do!