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The Killer Bees and the Chrysler Foundation

Our biggest sponsor, the Chrysler Foundation, recently announced that they are increasing their contributions to FIRST teams by $30,000. To celebrate, they have created a promotional video showing off the fruits of their labors (namely us) check it out here:

Full story here:

Happy Pi Day!

Even though we missed Pi day by a bit, the Bees would like to give a shout out to Team 1718, the Fighting Pi from Armada, Michigan. At the Waterford District event, we teamed up with the Fighting Pi and RoboSapiens and won the event after Pi, the first seed, selected us. A special congratulations is due to both the Fighting Pi and RoboSapiens for winning their first-ever district event.

Why We’re Awesome

Honestly, everyone knows that sometime in the future they’re going to be living in their awesome penthouse, some 500 stories up, waiting for their robot servant to bring them their Canapés. It would be named something like the Deliver Master XVI. Now, even though the Deliver Master is there waiting on you, someone had to make it, design it, and work out its kinks… Right? Well, those people were probably FIRST alumni.


When joining a FIRST team, in addition to feeling excited to get involved, it’s pretty natural to feel overwhelmed by everything going on and all the information being blasted in your face, maybe intimidated because most people seem to know what they’re doing so much more than you do, and slightly confused by all the FIRST-related or technical jargon casually thrown around on a daily basis. Including the first build season and getting used to working in close quarters with your teammates, the sheer volume (both number and sound) of people also comes as a shock.