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The Killer Bees and the Chrysler Foundation

Our biggest sponsor, the Chrysler Foundation, recently announced that they are increasing their contributions to FIRST teams by $30,000. To celebrate, they have created a promotional video showing off the fruits of their labors (namely us) check it out here:

Full story here:

Why We’re Awesome

Honestly, everyone knows that sometime in the future they’re going to be living in their awesome penthouse, some 500 stories up, waiting for their robot servant to bring them their Canapés. It would be named something like the Deliver Master XVI. Now, even though the Deliver Master is there waiting on you, someone had to make it, design it, and work out its kinks… Right? Well, those people were probably FIRST alumni.

Not Everyone’s an Engineer

What’s special about Team 33 is how diverse we are. We not only have future engineers in our hive, but we also have kids, like me, who contribute to the team in different ways.
Almost all of the people who join robotics do it to learn about how the STEM industry works. They have brains that work like two gears, turning around and around, constantly in motion, coming up with new ideas on how to build and create things to change the world. My brain, however, is the exact opposite. The right side of my brain is more dominant than the left side. If someone were to walk inside my mind, they would find ideas for stories, daydreams, and adjectives waiting to describe things. I don’t think scientifically; I think more creatively.  My thoughts are scattered, full of random ideas floating in the air, waiting to come together and land, like an airplane.