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One Day Builds

One Day FRC Battery Cart

Directions – Click to download a PDF with a step by step guide and materials list.

Engineering Drawings -Click to download a PDF with engineering drawings for the battery card

CAD Models

STP (zip)

Inventor (zip)

“One Day Build” Video



2017 All Girls Tournament Webinar #1  – 2017 AGT Webinar 1 Presentation

2017 All Girls Tournament Webinar #2 – 2017 AGT Webinar 2 Presentation   Webinar Recording

2015 World Championship Conference Presentation- Teach All Students to be Leaders

Advice for New FIRST Teams – PowerPoint 

Advice for New FIRST Teams – pdf version


Robot Simulation-Battery Voltage Modeling RevB

Going Over the Bump

Hanging Concept Development 2010

Robot Weight Watcher

Articulating Center Wheel

Design Binder 2017 – Steamworks

Design Binder 2016 – Stronghold

Design Binder 2015 – Recycle Rush

Design Binder 2014 – Aerial Assist

Design Binder 2013 – Ultimate Ascent

Behind the Design 2013

Behind the Design 2012

Buzz 18 Culver Drive 2012

Buzz 16 CAD Files for Logo Motion 2011


Scouting Sheet 2010

Scouting Objectively

Event Data 2009-2012

Robot Source Code and CAD Designs

2015 FRC Code

Buzz XVII CAD Files

2012 FRC Code

2011 FRC Code

2010 FRC Code

2011 Vex and OCCRA Code

Chairman’s Award Resources

Advocacy – Adding Robotics to the Common Application for College
2014 Open Letter to the Common Application

2014 Presenation

2014 Chairmans Essay

2014 Executive Summary

2013 Chairman’s Essay

2013 Executive Summary

2012 Chairman’s Essay

2012 Executive Summary

2011 Chairman’s Essay

2011 Executive Summary

OCCRA Resources

Foundation Award