Outreach 2014-15

Each year, the Killer Bees strive to continue previous outreach and add new ones. With each event, we aim to help our school, our city, and the FRC program.


St. Joe’s Demo– The Killer Bees demonstrate our robot in order to attract people to the FIRST programs. In June, we took our robot to St. Joe’s K-8 school and talked to them about FLL, FTC, and FRC, urging them to join whatever level of FIRST they could. We encouraged the older students to join their future high school’s FRC team, whether it be the Killer Bees or a different team.

Maker Faire– In July, the Killer Bees photo 2attended the Detriot Maker Faire, where people from all over Michigan come to show off their creations. Along with several other FRC, FTC, and FLL teams, the Bees explained the FIRST program while demoing our robot and allowing visitors to operate our robot.

Corn Roast– Before school begins each year, NDP hosts a club fair for the incoming freshmen. The Killer Bees took their robot to this event, and several team members introduced FRC to new kids. The Bees had many kids express interest and sign up for the program.