Lego League



First Lego League or FLL, a robotics competition for students ages 9-14 (or 9-16, depending on country), is an international competition to promote the fields of science and engineering for students.

Similar to FRC, FLL has a new theme each year related to a real-world scientific issue. Everything about that year, from the logo to the game, is based off of the theme. The competition is in several parts, including a research portion asking students to identify a problem related to the theme and come up with a new, plausible solution. The robotics competition requires students to build an autonomous robot made completely from specialized, official LEGO pieces that runs for two and a half minutes to complete themed tasks across the field. Students are also expected to display core values and Gracious Professionalism.

The Killer Bees work with three FLL teams from our feeder school, Marist Academy.  We also support other feeder schools by helping with warm-up tournaments and building excitement for the next level of FIRST.  Many of our Killer Bees are FLL alumni!