FIRST Badges

The FIRST Badges are a set of online badges that are meant to act as a set of checkpoints in a student’s journey through FIRST and learning STEM skills. The badge system has domains and levels. Domains represent a range of knowledge in a topic. Levels in the domain include tasks with active learning components which progress in difficulty. The student/participant learns about a task or function, demonstrates competency and extends his/her learning. Task completion is assessed through a rubric. When a level is awarded, student/participant place the digital icon in personal digital backpacks and control where they wish to display the icon. These icons contain information about the tasks and activities needed to earn the badge.

The FIRST Badges initiative was started by a group of Michigan FIRST Mentors led by Killer Bees mentor Julia Green as a means for students to track their progress as well as mentors and future employers. Students earning these micro-credential digital badges can use them on college applications, scholarship applications, and job resumes demonstrating showing life skills that are only attainable through experience.

The various badges currently offered are Communication, Electronics, CAD, Engineering Design, Machining / Fabrication, and Participation/Leadership. In the near future, we hope to also include Statistical Analysis, Entrepreneurship, Programming, Strategy / Scouting, Mentoring and Marketing. Additionally, there is  badge for being an FRC Mentor.

For more information, head over to The FIRST Badges Website