Recycle Rush – 2015 Robot

Design Binder 2015


The Killer Bees first event of Recycle Rush was in the Southfield district. In addition to winning the event, we also earned the Industrial Design Award sponsored by General Motors. In our second district event, in Troy, we won the event and were selected for the prestigious Chairman’s Award.

At the Michigan State Championships, we were ranked 5th, and selected 1918 and 4130 as alliance partners and finished as quarterfinalists.

We were excited to play on the inaugural Hopper division at the FIRST Championships and partnered with 548 and 1676. We finished as semi-finalists.

Our offseason events included MARC, playing with team 67 and 910, winning the competition. We took a road trip to the IRI, seeding 28th and playing on the alliance with 68, 195 and 233. Buzz 20 went on the road again at the Kettering Kickoff and the All Girls Tournament, winning more trophies.