Story and Scholarships

Hey FIRST girls! Story time. So, I was with my dentist the other day for some cavities and I started talking to him when he was setting up my mouth. He asked if I drank a lot of pop or ate a lot of bread items. I, by reflex, made a robotics joke (because face it, long nights of pasta and Mountain Dew isn’t great for teeth). This led us into a great conversation about FIRST and STEM. I explained the concept, game, and shared a few stories. He seemed fascinated with the idea of a bunch of high schoolers building a working robot. He started telling me about all of the great opportunities for women engineers. Our team has often discussed these since our large influx of girls in the last few years. This got me thinking about all the girls on our team and the huge amounts of scholarships available exclusively for women in STEM.

Freshman Blog Post #1

Being on the Killer Bees Robotics team has taught me so much.  I’m sure most freshmen feel quite ignorant when they first start and I was no exception.  It also didn’t help that I started about four weeks later due to other obligations at the time.  My first day I felt like I was far behind compared to most of the other members, but that soon changed.