The team competed this weekend at MARC in Monroe. As is the tradition, it was a very warm and steamy gym in late June, but we kept cool with free ice cream and air conditioned pit areas. At the end of the qualification matches, we were ranked #2 and were selected by Goodrich RoboticsTeam 494 Martians as the #1 Alliance and added Robostangs 548. We battled hard in 3 matches in quarterfinals and 3 exciting final matches, earning the finalist trophy and a judged award for our autonomous routines.

Congratulations to Team 51 (Pontiac Wings of Fire) and The EngiNERDs – Team 2337 and FIRST Team 1732 – Hilltopper Robotics from Milwaukee, Wisconsin as the 2017 MARC Champions.

As a side note – one of our Killer Bee rules is “Never Give Up”. Team 2337 was in last place at the end of the qualification matches on Friday night and ended up as the 16th ranked team and ultimately as the MARC winner.

Our next competition is the Indiana Robotics Invitational in July!