On June 6th, the Killer Bees visited St. Joseph School in Lake Orion, Michigan to talk about outreach and demonstrate our robot. We presented to the whole school. We talked about we do.

We are high school students who compete in FIRST robotic challenge. We have a shop at the Chrysler Tech Center. We have been competing for nineteen years. We have won local, state, and national competitions and awards. We showed the children our reveal video and then started to drive our robot. We explained how the collector, wings, and catapult work. We explained how we have a new game and robot each year. We explained to the children that you don’t have to Notre Dame Prep to join robotics. Almost every high school that children from St. Joseph School attend has a robotics team.

We also explained how you don’t have to be a nerd/math person to join robotics. We talked about the public relation side of our team.  We explained that people are needed to make videos, write essays, design this BEEutiful website, document the robotics season, and update social media.

As a team, we participate in much outreach. We participate in the purple alliance, knit hats for the homeless, mentor FLL, FTC, FRC teams, and host VEX tournaments.  We demonstrate our robot at schools and Maker Fair. We told them that you can do robotics with other school activities. We stressed that robots are fun!