The first thing that always comes to someone’s mind when they hear you are on the robotics team is the robot.  There is more behind this team then the robot. We’re like the stage crew. Were behind the scenes, make everything run, and we wear all black (maybe a little bit of yellow). In the place we like to call The PR Room, there are students working to achieve goals separate from the robot…. They are going to make the robot look pretty. That is one of the parts. We do much more than that. Back in our little hive we make videos, draw diagrams, and organize community demonstrations.

Most people assume that a video is a short script and filming. Those people are wrong. A short video can take up to one month; a long one about two months. In our video process we write the script, we draw the scenes, edit the script at least 20 times, film the video, revise the video, and post the video.

The most complicated part of The PR Room is a little thing we call a vinyl cutter. It is one of the most amazing things when it works…. However when it is frustrated, we’re frustrated. To start, the magic of it working is a great feeling. All you do is insert paper, load your image, and go. The machine cuts and brings your image to life. Bask in the glory! When it wants to be annoying it is one of the most complicated things to perform. Whenever the vinyl cutter wants to calibrate it takes forever. We sit and wait, sit and wait, and sit and wait. The calibration finishes it goes back to being b/a.

For the people who are not engineers, this is a place to learn and experience new things. You create videos and let your imagination come to life. Lifelong friendships are made and kept forever. Seeing the way technology is used throughout engineering helps create a better future in the job world for us. The PR Room is the place that you experience the world of creation.

-Sabrina Lasota

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