Messing up a piece of the robot is a big issue I have. By messing up a particular part, you feel bad because you spent so much time on the part. You feel that you have let your team down because you messed up a part.


Tim, the person mentoring me the past few weeks, is also known as Fix it Felix. He helped me fix a part that I messed up. When I messed up the part, I felt sad and scared because I was worried that my team would be disappointed in me. But have no fear, Tim always salvages your part.

As a new bee, I also get treated differently because I’m new. Being a new bee also has helped me learned a lot about different tools. I also have learned how to use tools, not just a screwdriver to open the battery packs in your flashlight, but to cut metal. Tools are awesome. I love working with the amazing mentors and older students. They all teach me so much about everything from building a robot to life lessons.

Just remember: If you have a problem, consult Fix it Felix and he will fix it, because he’s Felix.