When I signed up for FIRST Robotics, I had a different idea what it would be like than how it was to actually be accepted onto the team. I realized that this year would be more fun than I had ever imagined it would be. Joining this team for the first time, I was pretty lost. In reality, there are way more things to do than I had thought! There is not only engineering, but also programming, a website to manage, essays to write, videos to make, a Chairman’s Award to organize and so much more. Admittedly, being a newbie is more daunting than I thought, but once finding something to help the team with, the satisfaction gained is more than enough of a reward.   I am looking forward to so many things in FIRST Robotics this year. One of the things that I am most looking forward to this year is build season! Working together as a team on a single robot sounds like a LOT of fun (and hard work!) This isn’t the only thing I am looking forward to this year. I am eager to participate in the numerous Killer Bees events and tournaments, not to mention the opportunities to help other people and school get into FIRST Robotics.

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Last Modified: January 3, 2014