Honestly, everyone knows that sometime in the future they’re going to be living in their awesome penthouse, some 500 stories up, waiting for their robot servant to bring them their Canapés. It would be named something like the Deliver Master XVI. Now, even though the Deliver Master is there waiting on you, someone had to make it, design it, and work out its kinks… Right? Well, those people were probably FIRST alumni.

They were freshmen once, just little freshies who were incredibly naive and bewildered at the concept of having fun while learning. They mostly joined robotics ‘cuz it would look super-fantabulous on their collage resume. However, they quickly learned that we’re not just geeks who are living off of Mountain Dew and pizza; we’re much, much more. There are people from numerous aspects of our school society. There are team members who are in Notre Dame Preparatory plays, clubs, and many teams, both inside and outside of school. We’re involved in cross-country, track, basketball, fencing, tennis, hockey, soccer, archery, skiing, volleyball, and more. The students also hold many leadership positions. It’s really hard to make a day boring when you have so many awesome people on your team. There’s no way that the designers of your Deliver Master were leaking brain juices on to the floor from boredom. They must have been totally shocked when we broke their stereotypes of robotics team members. Can you imagine, halfway through the year that the inventors of the Deliver Master settled into the groove of FIRST, and helped their team advance all the way to a state championship? Then in the following years, they would became key members of their team, possibly even leading their team on to win the World Championships.
Now these inventors wouldn’t only look good on their resumes for this. They (being the geniuses that they are) would have also earned near full rides through college and have immediately gotten internships and job offerings to many engineering companies. And that… that is why we’re awesome.

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