Hey everyone! Here is a bee-utiful list of our robot’s wonderful qualities.

  1. It can fly
  2. It can climb to the fourth level of the tower
  3. It has a giant spike to impale other robots
  4. It has 33 fans on it
  5. It has a T-shirt cannon
  6. It has enough artificial intelligence to create world peace
  7. It has no rivets, just zip ties
  8. It blasts epic battle music when collecting Frisbees
  9. It has pink bumpers on Wednesdays
  10. It has 16 wheels
  11. We rigged a pyrotechnic show to the bot
  12. It shoots fire
  13. It is waterproof
  14. It can predict the weather, including snowstorms
  15. It writes poetry surpassed only by Walt Whitman
  16. It impacted 20 million people already
  17. It’s fluent in 6 million forms of communication
  18. It runs on hamster power
  19. It throws Frisbees
  20. Our robot is a prototype for the R2-D2 project
  21. It has ball-casters and a crab drive
  22. We ordered it online and it should be here tomorrow
  23. It can bungee jump with the belay hooks
  24. It can convert corn into ethanol
  25. It collects Tribbles
  26. Puffballs replaced the pool noodles for the winter
  27. It eats Freshmen
  28. It bakes world-class crepes
  29. It has an honorary degree in philosophy from Yale
  30. It uses drills for motors
  31. It can project holograms asking for help from our only hope
  32. The PR team built the robot
  33. It is black and yellow

Have fun guessing!

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