Hey there everybody! For all you rookies (and non-rookies), here are some answers to some common questions about FIRST, its founders, and competitions. There will be more posted as the season progresses.

1. What does FIRST® stand for?
– FIRST® is an acronym for For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.

2. What is Gracious Professionalism® (GP)?
– GP is a term coined by Woodie Flowers that is maintaining a professional attitude and procedure through all of FIRST and life. It is being gracious in every situation and treating other people and teams with respect.

3. What is Coopertition®?
– Coopertition® is maintaining a spirit of respect while in competition as well as being willing to help other teams and members of FIRST. It involves teaching and learning in FIRST. The 2012 FRC game, Rebound Rumble, involved this in the endgame for extra points.

4. How long do teams have to build the robot?
– Teams are given from January 5th to February 19th to build.

5. What is the Chairman’s Award (CA)?
– The CA is the highest award honoring teams that are role models in the community and FIRST. It involves business, public relations, marketing, and values of FIRST®. It requires an Executive Summary,  Essay, a video, and an interview at one of your team’s regional or district events. The details for these requirements are in the FRC manual.

6. Who is Dean Kamen?
– Dean Kamen is one of the founders of FIRST. He is an inventor and has invented machines such as the Segway and a sophisticated insulin pump. He started FIRST in 1989 and has claimed that this is the achievement he is most proud of. He is always dressed in jeans and a denim shirt.

7. Who is Woodie Flowers?
– Woodie Flowers is a co-founder and national adviser of FIRST. He was a teacher of mechanical engineering at MIT and now is an important, charismatic member of the FIRST world. The Woodie Flowers Award is given every year to a distinguished FIRST mentor (details on this are in the FRC manual and may be covered in future posts).


Thanks for reading! Keep coming to the blog for more posts and FAQ’s.


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