Being part of the Bees for (pretty much) all of my life, I am used to the brouhaha of build season. However, for all those “new-bees” out there, here’s the equation to remember:
Crazy friends+ six weeks= insane life
Let me give you a look into the asylum of the Killer Bees.

Three (or more) times a week every bee heads down to our conference room to inhale dinner. FOOD! Glorious food! While we’re stuffing our faces with tacos, pasta and whatever else may appear (no pizza please), Jim and Mama Green give us the run down on what is going to happen that day. We wait for the hilarious comments to dry up, grab a mountain dew and a cookie, and go to work.

I work in the C.A.D. room with the (only slightly) more insane people. I do apologize to the shop crew for calling them sane. Anyway, in the C.A.D. room we procrastinate (otherwise known as working) on the chairman’s project. Pretty much we make really bad “bee” jokes and sing along with the Les Mis music. Occasionally, there are the brief moments of production when people try to find something to say. I generally just mention Twilight and watch the conversation unfold. Normally it lasts long enough to drink a can of Mountain Dew. Sometimes it lasts long enough to be interrupted by wrap-up
Wrap-up is pretty much the presentation of what our different groups did that day. The shop crew shows us the mock-ups of our Frisbee-wingers and we say that we made a lot of work (we actually get a lot done in the “lull of sound moments”)
After that, most of the Bee’s go home but there’s about ten of us who stay behind to finish up what we were working on. It’s surprisingly therapeutic to listen to the whirr of motors and the clink of Frisbee’s on the brick walls.
So there you go, that’s my sarcastic but accurate view of the Killer Bee’s build season.

Ta-ta for now

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