How do the Killer Bees do Outreach?


The Killer Bees are from Notre Dame Preparatory school, a private Catholic school.  We have 3 distinct communities – the community of our PreK-12 school, the community of the city of Pontiac, and the community of robotics.

In the community of our PreK-12 school we are tutors, we are ambassadors, we work on the service projects through school for various charities.

The community of Pontiac has struggled for many years.  It is a primarily urban city, with a median household income of $27,000. Pontiac High School is the home of FIRST Hall of Fame team 51 – Wings of Fire.

The community of robotics in Michigan is very large and active.  In Oakland County, 98% of the public high schools have a FIRST robotics team; there are 323 FRC teams in the state of Michigan, 179 FTC teams and 367 FLL teams.

We focus our outreach efforts decreasing hunger in our local community, helping other teams grow, sustaining alumni after they are done with FIRST through our HIVE Foundation and promoting FIRST to the community in southeastern Michigan. One way we help other teams grow is to promote inter-team activities in outreach activities, through the Purple Alliance