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2017 FRC GameWeek 1 is almost finished – and so is our stock of plywood, gears, sprockets, “phasers“, white board markers, the TileRunner, Mountain Dew, drill batteries, robot batteries, and sleep. However, we are not out of ideas and prototypes.


RoboZone will be returning to your TV again this spring! If your FRC team would like to be considered for a segment in the show, please fill out this short interest form.

Programmers getting to work
Prototyping the shooter
Chairman's team collaboration
Prototyping the hanger deployment
Hanger Prototype
Programming autonomous - again
Soldering and coffee
Busy Saturday in the shop
Writing Woodie Flowers essays
Assembling the collector
Website Development
The shooter
Measuring carefully
Motor controllers
Bumper Assembly
Shooter assembly
Working out an engineering problem
Steve - our Woodie Flowers nominee
Solving a problem
Shooter Assembly
Phineas - the competition robot
Shot angle tuning
NewBees making parts
Making parts
Week 5.5
More hanger development
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Where are the Killer Bees?

The hive is always buzzing!

We are working on a new initiative to assist FIRST students. FIRST Badges is a collaboration of several Michigan FRC team mentors to provide credentials to students. The badges are based on the Open Badges concept, with students building digital portfolios of accomplishments. Go to FIRSTBadges.com to learn more. If your team is interested, have a mentor request a registration code.

FIRST badges layered

We are spreading the message of FIRST to new audiences via the television network State Champs! and Yellow Flag Productions.  This first-of-its-kind series features Michigan high school robotics in all 21 district events, the Michigan State Championship and the FIRST Championship.  In the 2016 season, the series expanded to the state-wide sports network, FOX Sports Detroit.


Team Publications

2017 STIMS Directions
2016 Robot Design Poster
How to create a right angle adapter for a VersaPlanetary gearbox. 
2015 Championship Presentation: Teach All Students to be Leaders and Good Things Will Happen!
2016 Chairman’s Award Submission
FIRST Mentor Camp Presentation : Students with Special Needs and FIRST
FIRST Mentor Camp Presentation: Learning Cycles
FIRST Mentor Camp Presentation: Getting Started with FIRST Badges


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